Hi, my name is Jade!

Back in the day when I was a nine-to-fiver, I did a lot of customer service because I have a knack for making people smile.  I became “famous” for making customers feel comfortable and happy when, as I as guided them, I would say “you’re doing great!”

Then life changed, covid happened, and so I jumped into marketing automation consulting and small business ownership.

As much as I loved being my own boss and working directly with clients to make their businesses run more efficiently, I was spending more time on technical aspects and less time on making people happy with my personality. 

I kept wondering where life and my business would take me, and as I dreamt, I knew that it had to involve cheering people on and leading those around me.

When I happened to attend a conference on online memberships for a colleague/client/friend for whom I was helping manage a membership community, I was inspired by the bold and creative entrepreneurs around me and knew I had to stay in this environment forever. I cheered them on, and they were drawn to me as much as I was drawn to them.

I found my people.

And then I realized that “You’re Doing Great!” wasn’t meant to be just a part of what I want to do, it IS what I want to do.

As these amazing humans started flocking to my accidentally-just-created YDG Membership, I heard again and again that they were “so excited because this will help provide some encouragement and accountability for all my ideas!”

Aha! Not only can I cheer us all on as we create businesses and change the world, but I can also put my automation skills to work to help keep us on track.. all in one amazing community.

When you join You’re Doing Great, you join brilliant leaders from all over the world who share their experience, advice, encouragement, and energy with each other. We lift each other up as we set goals and run like hell towards them.

Exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Much, much love,

P.S. You’re doing great!

Get a lot for a little

$150/yr (2 months free every year)

What do YDG Members get?


Each week and each quarter, you’ll set your short-term and long-term goals, and you’ll get checked-in on as well.  Call your shot, and start making your ideas your reality.

You’ll even get reports and feedback based on your progress.

I know no one likes emails anymore so this is all provided to you via text automation, with an exciting YDG flair. 🙂


Trailblazers usually blaze trails alone, and because of that, they don’t get told often enough how great they are doing.

A compliment goes a long way, and I’m full of them.

And believe me, I know what it’s like to create something from nothing in the face of tremendous adversity.  You’re doing great!


Even many-hat-wearing entrepreneurs can’t be experts in everything!  Personally, I lean heavily on fellow entrepreneurs who have planted their flag in their unique specialty, and I’ve gathered them here to be a part of the YDG family.

Need advice on websites or your digital marketing strategy? Ask the fam.  Need tips on how to juggle kids and multiple businesses? Ask the fam. Need a second set of eyes on your newest draft? Ask the fam.

See you there! 🙂   Love, Jade

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